Instructions for Use


How does it work?

Each module (each on a different topic) has three sections: flashcards for terms you need to know, short questions and extended questions. You should complete each activity in the order it appears in the module – it is designed this way to help you learn faster. The extended questions are the most important – these teach you to use the correct terms in your answers.

How Long Should I Spend On Revision?

This depends on how much you remember! Each module will take between 15 and 30 minutes to complete and there are 12 modules. 

Does revision ninja track my progress?

The website will save your answers and will track progress as you go along allowing you to pick up where you left off. You can view your progress by going to “My Progress” on the top bar when using a desktop computer. If you are using a phone or tablet you will need to go to your Profile and then to “My Progress” as shown below.

Once you feel confident with an activity you can mark it complete using the “Mark Complete” button at the end of each section.

This indicates to your teacher that you completely understand the topic (and, therefore, don’t need to cover it again in class) so only click it if you feel you’ve mastered that activity! 

Where do I start?

We’ve put together a ‘recommended order’ card which you should have received from Mr Summers – this begins with the topic on Culturing Microbes. The recommended order is designed to help you draw links between the topics.

People learn best when they do something called ‘spaced revision’ – this means working on a topic/module, then having a break from it for at least two hours to allow time for your brain to process the information, and then working on it again. (By the way… this doesn’t mean do nothing for 2 hours! You can spend that time looking at another topic in Biology or revising for another subject)

What is the difference between this and traditional revision methods

Firstly, Revision Ninja gets you working on the kinds of activities that the research says will help you revise best… rather than the activities which don’t help. You could print off past papers and work through the questions and answers that way… this just shortens that journey by marking the questions for you and provides the answers in an easier format than the mark scheme.

I'm still forgetting the answers - what should I do?

Try hand-writing some flash cards – if you’re struggling to remember things it can sometimes help to hand-write rather than type. Alternatively, trying creating a pictorial representation of what you’re trying to remember – stick figures and equivalent are fine! Speed is key rather than creating a masterpiece!

If you’ve spent a long time revising you might just need a break! Take 20 minutes and do something away from screens then go back to it and try again.

Will I find everything I need to know for the exam on the app?

Revision Ninja covers most, if not all of the topics that will come up in your Year 10 exam, but does not contain every possible question that could come up. The questions were designed to find a balance between providing a manageable amount of revision materials while hitting the core learning objectives for each topic.